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I floated the idea of a discord group about a month ago and it seems like there is at least some interest in it so I have gone ahead and set one up. Anyone who wants to join the group is more than welcome to do so. The general purpose of this group is to find and connect with other people who have also downloaded the Erotic Arcana. It can be hard to find a dnd group in general, but finding a dnd group that is comfortable with adding explicit sex rules is a far greater challenge. This will be a place to discuss the book and sexy dnd stuff with like minded people. A place to ask about rules, and to suggest fun new monster or spells or whatever. Hopefully this will be a place where you can find new friends and sexy sexy dnd parties.

Group Link - https://discord.gg/g3kWUN2Zum

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This supplement is very interesting, but unfortunately your discord link has expired =(

thats my bad, here is the new link https://discord.gg/g3kWUN2Zum

Thank you!

Also, got the time to really go through it and I think this is probably one of the better "horny DnD" type supplements!